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"The ultimate roadmap where we guide you through the process in achieving market success, often doubling or tripling revenues in 12 months or less”

Every business goes through a journey - the idea, build, grow, transition and exit. Every stage of the business journey requires the right tools, education and people to maximise the return on your investment; time, energy, and your hard earned cash. Finally you can access the system and support to grow your business. Learn and engage from the Million Circles consultants and advisers who have the experience and been on the same entrepreneurial journey you're now embarking on!

The Stats:
*70% of Businesses Fail within years 2 to 5 in the business journey
*40% Fail due to no product market fit – ie, no-one wants to buy your product
*40% Fail due to lack of cash flow or lack of funding
*30% Fail due to no ability or capability to execute key initiatives within the business

What does it take to build a great business?

How well you research, design, build and measure your business will determine the quality and success of your business. Every business goes through the following journey.

Idea Validation

Ideas are great, but how do you know your idea is the right one? Understanding the problem you are solving is the #1 priority in business


According to some reports, over 90% of businesses fail within the first 5 years. So, research is the #1 key ingredient to understanding where you fit, resulting in a higher probability of success


Build it right first time. Experimenting is part of the process. However, you can speed up Go To Market initiatives by getting the right people and processes from the beginning 


In the growth phase you're starting to make money.... and sometimes you spiral out of control - over hiring, hiring wrong people, implementing wrong processes and systems. It would be best if you had a network of support and guidance from a trusted source


Over time, what tends to happen is business owners become complacent. The signs are stagnant growth, declining revenues, low staff retention and increased stress. Understanding capability is critical for ongoing success

Exit for Success

Build your business from the beginning with the exit in mind. You don't have to sell, but by understanding your exit strategy, you build a more valuable business. After all, you want something in return for all your hard work

The 12-month Success Programme where we work together in our ‘Done With You’ system to ensure you get to market quicker, for less cost and less risk.

Some of the 100's of companies we've helped and supported on their business journey.....

What is the business journey?

The business journey is a combination of people, processes and knowledge, which results in increased capability to build value in your business. Each milestone of your business journey has a unique set of challenges and outcomes. From Idea, Build, Scale, Transition or Exit, Million Circles has the experience and expertise to assist you achieve your business goals.

From Idea to
Business Success

Having ideas, processes and the right people are great, but being a business leader can be daunting and stressful! You need someone on your side who understands your journey so they can help you navigate the world of business.

Capability & Knowledge

Having the right skills in business is a critical element for success. Having the proper business knowledge is the other element! By having the proper support to navigate the process, it enables you to get to market quicker, mitigate risk and reduce stress! Resulting in savings of time and money.

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Strategic Insights, Go To Market Initiatives

From  £499 per month

What's included:
1:1 Meeting
Business Insights
Access to Business Resources
Online or Face to Face Meetings


Strategic Blueprint Programme Foundational

From  £250 per week

What's included:
Access to the 12 month programme
Fortnightly Consulting Calls
 Business Audit & Capability Report 
Business Plan & Branding Assessment
Business Concept Report

High Growth

Strategic Blueprint Programme Aspirational

From  £250 per week

What's included:
Access to the 12 month programme
Fortnightly Consulting Calls
Business Research and Capability Assessment
"Oversee" transitional suppliers - tech, marketing & sales
Pro Integrations if required


Strategic Blueprint Programme Hi Value Exit

From  £250 per week

What's included:
Exit Validation Assessment
Fortnightly Consulting Calls
Business Research and Capability Assessment 
Priority Phone, Chat and Email
Valuation Audit 
 Facilitate Introductions to brokers & investors

The business support you need to give you a higher probability of success

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The foundational and aspirational steps in building profitable and valuable business partnerships.