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MCS Core Products
Our coaching practice delivers a number of outcomes that are based on the business’ needs.
Because we are experienced business owners, we understand the nuances of business that can’t be taught from a text book or by a lead trainer.
We work with your strengths and build from there. Because we offer a wide range of services, we can draw from real up to date information to ensure you have the best and latest knowledge to give you a competitive edge.

We offer all forms of business coaching in all aspects of business - from start-up entrepreneurs to experienced business owners. We coach people in Social Media, Lead generation, sales scripts, sales training, sales content writing, admin, pre legal, pre accounting, admin processes, sales processes – everything to align your business for success. We draw from our experienced pool of talented staff and industry experts
so you are set up for ultimate success.
  • High Performance, UNLIMITED 15 min Coaching Sessions
  • One to One Coaching Sessions
  • Executive Team Coaching
  • The Sales Operations System (SOS) - Coaching Sales People or TEAMS
  • Sales Coaching for Solopreneurs
  • CxO Coaching – Getting the best to deliver your best.
Who is it for:
Business Owners or managers that have the following qualities will gain maximum benefit and get best ROI:
  • The desire to be better
  • The passion to learn
  • Proactive
  • Positive Mindset
  • Excuses are NOT part of your vocabulary
  • Understand they can’t do everything
  • Not afraid to ask for help.
What actually happens:
  • We work together to understand the needs of the business and then create a “MAP” for the business, aligned with business outcomes and goals.
  • We look at the good, bad and everything in between.
  • We find and focus on your strengths and work to bring everything else up to that standard.
  • We assess the business model and find better or more efficient ways of reaching company goals.
  • We create the type of business you want - some people want a lifestyle business (ie travel while working) others want to balance between home life and business, others just want to become multi-millionaires.
  • Some people don’t know where to start, they may want to transition from corporate to starting their own business or just business owners wanting to scale their business.
  • A lot of people want a sounding board so they can avoid the “pitfalls” in business (NB I’ve made some mistakes in my time in business, so I can identify with what to avoid and what to focus on!)
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At Million Circles, we grow businesses. Our customised 12-month programs fast track business growth, build profitability and take businesses to the next level.
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