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Complete Business Setup / Overhaul
MCS Core Products
Social Media Management, Websites, Branding, Content Writing, Videography, Photography, Linkedin Training, Sales Processes, Sales Training PLUS Fortnightly Coaching
This is one of our popular programmes – it’s a complete design, implement and coaching/training system –
it’s essentially the “Million Circles System” (MCS)

We know that every business needs social media, website, branding, admin set up , sales process, pre legal, pre accounting, compliance and so on. However, like a lot of people they don’t have a big amount of money upfront to instigate a full working business model. So what we do is essentially put up the money and you pay us back in weekly or monthly instalments. This is a 12 month programme.
The process:
  • Phone call
  • Discovery Session
  • Introduction
  • Onboarding
  • Monitor & Assess & Reassess
  • Fortnightly coaching sessions (up to 1 hour, average is 40 mins)
  • 24/7 Email and text support
  • Implementation
Who is it for:
Proactive Business Owners – this is an INVITE ONLY programme.
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At Million Circles, we grow businesses. Our customised 12-month programs fast track business growth, build profitability and take businesses to the next level.
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