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Sales Design, Process, Training
MCS Core Products
Every business needs a sales process. The sales process starts after lead generation and all people involved in the business must be included in this system from a sales perspective – ie. Reception through to senior management.
Sales Design:
This is a service to maximise the conversion rates of any lead generation campaign. The sales design takes into consideration company goals, the quality and standard of people, service and products. Based on Customer Life Time Value, this is essential for all businesses big and small.
Sales Training:
No matter if you’re a Solopreneur or have sales teams in the hundreds, you can expect some brilliant training for you or your staff that will lift productivity and increase profits. A few of our popular topics include “Instant Rapport”, “FAB experience”, “Closing the Sale”, “After Sales” and “Referral Sales”.
Who is it for:
No matter what size company, this training is essential in any business in any industry.
  • Start-up’s – to understand how to sell the ‘Value’ of your business, service or product.
  • Small to Medium Size Enterprises (SME’s) – to assess, create efficiencies, align with company goals, staff and processes to maximise Return on Investment (ROI).
All systems are designed on the basis of Customer Life Time Value to improve Customer Service & Experience.
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